• Platform Strategy
  • Developer Experience
  • Design Sprints
  • Best Practices
  • User Experience
  • Service Design
  • Design Hiring
  • Capability Building
  • Architecture Review
  • Android Development
  • Release Engineering
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment

Product Strategy

How should your app work? Do you even need an app? We’ll help you navigate the complex world of digital products, drawing on our experience of having done so for hundreds of clients, from household names like Flipkart and Ola to scrappy startups. We lead every project at uncommon with a Design Sprint, a way to quickly articulate a design solution and validate it with real users.


Design isn’t just about what an app or website looks like, but about how it works. How easy is it to find information, buy a book, sign up for an account or play a quiz? Can it also look absolutely stunning? Heck yeah! In addition, we can help you build your own design team out, help them level up their skills and even help you build a strong design culture.


Our small development team punches way above it’s weight-class: we’re typically helping our clients architect global-scale digital platforms with tens or hundreds of millions of users, or ensuring that Android devices of all shapes and sizes have buttery-smooth animations. We talk about the work we do at conferences around the globe – we’ve presented work at DroidconSF, Droidcon UK, Droidcon India, ChicagoRoboto and even…Siberia (ask us about that)!